Golden Temple Package

The religious center of Sripuram, famous golden temple is located among the small green mountains in an area called Malaikodi at Vellore city in Tamil Nadu state, India. It is located at the south part of Vellore city, at the place of Tirumalaikodi.

The significance characteristics of Sripuram are temple of Mahalakshmi or temple of Lakshmi Narayan who is Ardha Mandapam and Vimanam is coated with pure gold including both interior as well as exterior. 

Renowned temple of Sri Lakshmi, prevalently called Golden temple, is recently constructed temple as well as Spiritual Park at the place of Thirumalaikodi in Vellore city. The temple is about 8 kilometers far from old bus stand of Vellore, close to fort. It is spread about 100 acres of land, built by Vellore’s Sri Narayani-Peedam lead by religious Guru Sakthi Amma. Golden temple has complicated statues, created by hundreds of expert gold decorators; those have specialization in temple decoration. the exterior part of gold temple is covered with gold plates and sheets, with made considered to have total cost of about 300 crore ( 65 million US $). The total gold was used in this temple is around 1,500 kilograms which is the biggest amount even in entire world. The lighting system of the gold temple is arranged to highlight the temple and even night, the temple glitters. On 24, August 2007, the construction of the temple was completed. The exterior pathway of this temple is shaped like a star that is 1.8 km of span and its all walls are adorned with the spiritual teachings of holy Guru Sakthi Amma.